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Online registration & product/service details with pricing structure

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Online registration & product/service details with pricing structure of Donec Smile PVT.LTD


1) Franchisee

Company appointing franchisees at state division, zone, district, area and associate etc stages franchisees for running it's business. Every stage franchisee has their fixed area of business decided by the company. The company is giving decided commission by franchisees various stages, till valid period on business amount to every franchisee of their fixed area and decided various services etc businesses of the company. Every franchisee has valid for 1 year* (terms and conditions applied by the company). Company charge 500 rs amount to every franchisee for allotment of franchisee and welcome kit (In welcome kit company give to every franchisee bag, diary, pen, I card, stickers etc.). Company also filling gst to government on this amount.

Commission slabs of the company

Company's commission slab for the franchisees
State incharge 00.10%, Zonal incharge 00.40%, District incharge 01.50%, Area incharge 06%, Field officer 30% of business amount of dicided businesses but If anyone not appoint associates in his lower level then, only 50% of decided commission is belongs to him, 50% commission of decided commission he will get on all goods and services providers and consumers (families) online registrations, 50% commission of decided commission for other area referal registration.

For reference of associates joining commission slab is as below -
Reference for state incharge 00.05%, for zonal incharge 00.10%, for district incharge 00.20%, for area incharge 00.50% of total business in related franchisee area. So network will spread so fastly. Commission will based on target %, for e.g. 60 % achievement of business target then commission rate is 60% from decided commission slab, under 60% target the associate will get rate of 60% flat from decided commission slab.

In associates joining commission slab is as below -
Direct joining of State incharge to Field officer 30 rs.

Commission slab for all level associates is as below-
State incharge 2 rs , Zonal incharge 5 rs, District incharge 10 rs, Area incharge 30 rs.

Various services businesses have various % of commission, it's depends company's policies and terms and conditions.

2)Goods and services providers (Saller)

The company provides services of advertising and marketing etc to goods and services providers through its website, call centers, messages, online services etc. At rs 2000 for decided periods of validity, and for decided area.